BIAS TEEs for DC powering of remote preamplifiers

Angle Linear produces high performance bias tees for applications requiring remote tower mounted preamplifiers. These devices were designed specifically for use with GaAs FET preamplifiers. A two stage transient suppression network with reverse voltage protection is placed in the DC input path before connecting to the 50 Ohm transmission line. It uses the same high speed transient absorbers that are used in our GaAs FET preamplifiers. To date, our DC protection circuits have a mean time between failure rate of better than several hundred million hours. In other words, we've never had a DC regulator failure in over twenty five years of production.

Construction is identical to our standard GaAs FET preamplifiers; the same rugged enclosure with twenty screws attaching the covers for maximum RF shielding and stainless steel hardware throughout . The feed-thru capacitor provides better then 80 dB of attenuation from .5 MHz to several GigaHertz. Standard connectors are small flange type "N" with gold center pins and ptfe dielectric. Other connectors are available: SMA, TNC.

The transient protection network can handle 40 KV pulses for 1 micro second and 1.5 KW for 50 milliseconds.

Insertion loss is less than .4dB to 1500 MHz

Return Loss is better than 17 dB to 1500 MHz

The DC voltage is internally connected to the "output" port and the "input" port connects to the receiver or multicoupler.

P/N: BT2-(conn), N = type N, S = SMA, T = TNC, + T (T for top mounting)

BT2NT for type N connectors.

If you plan to supply the DC power to the preamplifier through it's output coaxial cable, our preamplifiers can be ordered with an internal connection to pick-off the DC voltage; add "-bias" suffix to preamplifier part number.