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Combline Bandpass Filters

Angle Linear produces filters to complement it's line of low noise preamplifiers.

Today's hostile RF environment makes the use of band pass filters an absolute necessity and it doesn't really make any difference where you are located anymore. It doesn't do you any good the have a super preamplifier for great sensitivity if it is always is getting overloaded by adjacent frequency signals.

Band pass filters can be made to give minimum insertion loss to the desired frequency and maximum attenuation to the undesired signals and allow your system to operate without any interference.

We produce combline bandpass filters from 806 to 4000 MHz. We can also manufacture custom filters to your requirements.

Copper and heavy Aluminum plate are used throughout our filters to give maximum mechanical and thermal stability.


Typical combline bandpass filters we produce:

806 to 821 MHz 6 pole combline bandpass filter

902 to 915 MHz 6 pole combline band pass filter

896 to 901 MHz 4 pole combline bandpass filter

We also do many custom bandpass filters. Contact us with your requirements.


pdf file: 806 to 821 combline BPF

6 Pole 806 to 821 MHz BPF Picture

pdf file: 896 to 902 combline BPF

4 Pole 896 to 902 MHz Combline BPF Picture