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PHEMT (GaAs FET ) Dual Stage Preamplifiers

Angle Linear has been producing GaAs FET preamplifiers for well over two decades. Primarily used in commercial applications, these preamplifiers represent the best of present day technology in receiver front end design. We now use PHEMT devices in our GaAs FET type preamplifiers.

Common port inductance, an integral part of every amplifier design, yields excellent input and output return losses while maintaining the low noise figure characteristics of PHEMT devices and enhancing stability.

Angle Linear guarantees unconditional stability of every preamplifier. There are no stability problems when cascading our preamplifiers with Hi-Q band pass filters in repeater and receiver multicoupler applications. Filter-duplexer response curves are not altered by the input and output characteristics.

download dual PHEMT data sheet PDF format

Useable bandwidth for noise figure, gain and return loss are typically 10 percent at the operating frequency by design. Preamplifiers are available on any frequency up to several GigaHertz.

Output compression level are typically +18 dBm and 3rd order intercept is typically +29 dBm. Higher output level units are available, see our "HY" series of PHEMT preamplifiers.

Noise figure is typically 0.5 dB below 500 MHz, 0.6 dB to 750 MHz and 0.7 db to 1 GHz.

Gain is typically: 37 db at 300 MHz; 34 db at 400 MHz; 32 dB at 500 MHz; 30 db at 600 MHz; 27 dB at 800 MHz; and 26 dB at 950 MHz. Input and output return loss are typically greater than 10 dB.

Every preamplifier has over and reverse voltage protection. External and internal high voltage transient suppressors provides 40kV, 1 micro sec. pulse protection. Internal voltage regulation permits operation from +11 to +28 VDC. Filtering on the DC terminal provides >70 dB attenuation from 20 MHz to several GigaHertz. DC current requirement is typically 110 mA. All tuning and signal path capacitors are ATC 600F low loss microwave type.

Construction is rugged: an irridited aluminum enclosure with stainless steel hardware throughout. Twenty screws attach the covers and give maximum shielding for the most hostile RF environments. Silver connectors have ptfe (Teflon) dielectric with gold pins and are available in type N, TNC and SMA (ss). Dimensions: 1.5"x 2.5"x 0.7". Mounting and connector positions give maximum versatility for high density rack panel mounting.

To order: specify center frequency of operation (MHz), G suffix for PHEMT (GaAs FET), type of connector, Example: 2X813GNT, " T " suffix = top connector mounting, 813 MHz plus and minus 40 MHz from center frequency, GaAs FET (PHEMT) device, N connectors, 10 % band width.

Connectors: N = N, T = TNC and S = SMA.

Angle Linear also produces: Hi intercept PHEMT & bipolar preamplifiers, Receiver Multicouplers, Preselectors, Window Filters, Duplexers, Notch Filters, FET preamplifiers, Bias Tees, and does developmental work in receiver front ends.

Jan 2014