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Hi Level PHEMT Preamplifiers

200 to 950 MHz

+39 to +40 dBm output IP3, < 1 db noise figure

Angle Linear, in it's desire to continue producing the best of present day technology in receiver front end design, has now introduced a higher level, lower noise figure, hybrid combined redundant pair, PHEMT preamplifier. We offer these amplifiers in 100 MHz wide segments from 200 up to 950 MHz. This amplifier offers the high output intercept of silicon bipolar amplifiers but with the low noise figure of PHEMTs. These amplifiers can easily deliver several hundred milliWatts of linear power and have noise figures well under 1 dB. Hybrid combiners yield excellent input and output return losses while maintaining the low noise figure characteristics of PHEMT devices and enhancing stability. All tuning and signal path capacitors are ATC 600F low loss microwave type. Output 1 db compression levels are typically >+25 dBm and 3rd order intercepts are typically >+39 dbm at 450 MHz & +40 dbm at 800 to 900 MHz.


Angle Linear guarantees unconditional stability of every preamplifier.

Each amplifier has it's own independent voltage regulator. External and internal high voltage transient suppressors provide 40kV, 1 micro sec. pulse protection. DC current requirement is typically 220 mA. Supply should be capable of 300 mA for start up in-rush current.

Connectors are TriMetal plated and have ptfe (Teflon) dielectric with gold pins and are available in type N, SMA & TNC. Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 0.9". Units are available in end (E) or top (T) mounted connectors. Click above images to see detail.

HY4050GNE typical performance

down load data sheet: HY4050GNE.pdf

Input & output return loss typically better than 16 dB

Output Intercept pt. (IP3) +39 dBm (450 to 500 MHz) & +38 dbm at 400 MHz

Output 1dB comp pt. >+25 dBm

HY8090GNE typical performance

down load data sheet: HY8090GNE.pdf 800 to 900 MHz

down load data sheet: HY7080GNE.pdf 700 to 800 MHz

input & output return loss typically >20 dB (700 to 900 MHz)

Output Intercept pt. (IP3) +40 dBm

Output 1 dB comp. pt. >+26

updated Jan 2014