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updated Jan 2014

We manufacture linear Radio Frequency (RF) products and peripherals for communications. We specialize in preamplifiers, receiver front end filtering and receiver multi-couplers for virtually any communications application. Our speciality is high dynamic range, low noise figure receiver front ends to help you solve your communications problems.

We manufacture primarily for use below 2.5 GHz and offer from component level to complete receiver front end packages. We have been doing so for over twenty five years now and have supplied R&D and production equipment for: business, cellular, High speed Internet linking, 911, WIFI, trunking, aerospace, education, medical, MRI, science, deep space, space shuttle, MIR & ISS ground support, radio astronomy and amateur applications.

We also do custom RF engineering so give us a call with your requirements whether it be improvements, upgrades, expansions or new system designs.

PHEMTs have replaced GaAs FET devices. PHEMT (pronounced "P" hemt) = Psuedomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor. PHEMTs have a slightly lower noise figure, a little more gain and a little more output power than similar GaAs FETs. All of our products use ATC 600F series low ESR capacitors in all applications other than bypassing.

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Small Red BallReceiver Splitters, 2 thru 6 outputs

Small Red BallReceiver Multicouplers

Small Red BallFilters

Small Red BallDuplexers

Small Red BallComplete filter-preamplifier assemblies

Small Red BallRepeater & filtering application notes

Small Red BallBias Tees,Terminations, Cables and Rack Panels

Small Red BallPricing & Ordering Information

Small Red BallInstallation instructions and warranty information

NASA Spinoff article about Angle Linear

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